How to snack and eat while writing! Yes, COVID-19 has brought my blog here.

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Cafe Legacy

With the kids out of school for the year, my writing is now done at night, and I try to juggle client emails, phone calls, and text messages during the day. “So, how’s that goin’ for ya?” Not as well as I’d hoped, but it is still going forward, and frankly if everyone wasn’t pinned at home right now, my clients would probably be less comfortable with my pace. #greatclients.

So, the grandparents have the kids for a few hours and I just finished a project giving me ample time to write up a quick blog post about snacking while writing. And yes, there is some good advice in this blog to keep you writing, snacking, and hopefully not packing on the pounds.

Your snacks should stand the test of time

Soup gets cold, smoothies melt, and salsa gets old. When you write for hours at a time you’ve probably…

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